January is now in the history books. WRYCC’s Commodores Ball has come and gone. If you weren’t there you missed a great time. As always Arnaldos did a great job putting on the event and our Ball Committee did their usual great job.

February is here and once again it is time for the annual AYC Weekend. It’s been some time since I could attend. I am planning to attend this year. It is a fun weekend meeting and mixing with our fellow AYC Clubs.

I would like to give my thanks to the membership who at the special meeting in January voted to allow our Club to go back home. Smokies On The Water is now our home. They will be hosting many of our events from here on out. We will have some of our membership meetings there. Events such as our Commodores Reception will be held there. 2020 is a year which our Club will host one of the monthly AYC meetings and Smokies will do the honors.

The membership also voted to rejoin the Yachting Club Of America. This is an organization of 800+ Boat and Yacht Clubs nationwide. For those of our members who travel this allows our members to visit any of the affiliated Clubs listed in the YCA book. Here is a link to their membership guide.

Yachting Club of America Member List

One of the first events they will hold is the upcoming Vice Commodores Fund Raiser on March 29th. See the flyer below. Cost is $50 per person. Your dinner choices are Prime Rib, Herb Chicken Breast or Salmon. I hope to see many of you there.

WRYCC is moving in a new direction and the future is bright. Exciting and fun times are ahead for all of us.

Until next month, full steam ahead.