From The Helm


Hello everyone
I would like to begin by Thanking Everyone that contribute to this year’s 2020 Commodores Ball.  What a Great time with a lot of friends and neighboring clubs. We are still receiving Compliments on what a Great Ball , food and time people had at Arnoldo’s.  This one is sure top of the list of one of the Best Commodore Balls I have ever been to.  I just can’t help Thanking my other half Dawn Shoemaker.  Her talent and experience putting on this Commodore Ball with me was out of this world. Everyone just loved the Batmobile Great Job!   That was hand-painted, Amazing!  Everyone sure loved the Batmobile and the pictures turned out Great.
We have now officially join forces with Smokies on the Water. Scott and Tom are the owners Smokies on the Water.  Please feel free when stopping into Smokies to say Hi to them.  These two people are Super and are now part of West River Yacht & Cruising Club membership.  We are in the process of transforming Smokies into a clubhouse where we can call home.  We are working on hanging the burgees as well as other club regalia.  For those that do not know, Smokey’s is offering a 10% discount to all AYC and I-LYA Members Only.  You must show your membership card.
There are lots of activities that will be going on and the next little while, please look at our updated website.  Our next order of business will be General membership meeting at the Knights of Columbus, February 17th 2020 at 7 p.m. looking forward to seeing every one at the meeting.

2020 Commodore Keith Postma

From Amidship


January is now in the history books. WRYCC’s Commodores Ball has come and gone. If you weren’t there you missed a great time. As always Arnaldos did a great job putting on the event and our Ball Committee did their usual great job.

February is here and once again it is time for the annual AYC Weekend. It’s been some time since I could attend. I am planning to attend this year. It is a fun weekend meeting and mixing with our fellow AYC Clubs.

I would like to give my thanks to the membership who at the special meeting in January voted to allow our Club to go back home. Smokies On The Water is now our home. They will be hosting many of our events from here on out. We will have some of our membership meetings there. Events such as our Commodores Reception will be held there. 2020 is a year which our Club will host one of the monthly AYC meetings and Smokies will do the honors.

The membership also voted to rejoin the Yachting Club Of America. This is an organization of 800+ Boat and Yacht Clubs nationwide. For those of our members who travel this allows our members to visit any of the affiliated Clubs listed in the YCA book. Here is a link to their membership guide.

Yachting Club of America Member List

One of the first events they will hold is the upcoming Vice Commodores Fund Raiser on March 29th. See the flyer below. Cost is $50 per person. Your dinner choices are Prime Rib, Herb Chicken Breast or Salmon. I hope to see many of you there.

WRYCC is moving in a new direction and the future is bright. Exciting and fun times are ahead for all of us.

Until next month, full steam ahead.

From The Rear


Hi Everyone,

January just flew by, before we know it we will be getting our boats ready for the season.  Maybe a little early for wishful thinking.

We started the year out great with our Commodore’s Ball, what a spectacular evening.  Great food, great band, beautiful setting, and wonderful friends.  I have heard nothing but positive feedback about the evening, what a great way to start 2020.

Our first Texas Holdem’ Event is one month away and we sure could use your help.  Here is a little food for thought.

Volunteering in your club will help those around you and help you feel like you have contributed something positive and it is easier than most people think.  Volunteers are the backbone of our club and we wouldn’t be able to operate effectively without them.   The more we all work together the less we actually have to do.  This is our club and our clubs main source of income, to maintain our funds we need help from all members not just a select few.  Without our volunteers, we would have to raise our dues and do more fundraising to just pay our bills.   We really encourage each and everyone one of you to do your part.  If we all did our part to help it would achieve a greater sense of accomplishment.

From a WRYCC 1968 newsletter and I liked the poem, so I am going to share with you all. I think it says a lot about what a club is and should be.


Are you an active member, the kind that would be missed,
Or are you just contented that your name is on the list.
Do you attend the functions, and mingle with the flock,
Or do you stay home and criticize and knock.
Do you ever go to visit a member who is sick?
Or leave the work to just a few, and talk about a clique.
There’s quite a program schedule, that for sure you’ve heard about.
And we will appreciate it if you’ll come out and help.
So come to the events often, and help with hand and heart,
Don’t just be a member
Dig in and do your part.
Think this over member, you know right from wrong,
Are you an active member
Or do you just belong.
Rear Commodore Dawn Lang Shoemaker

From The Fleet


Wow, where did January 2020 go? Even the 2020 WRYCC Commodore’s Ball is over, and it was definitely a great Ball! Thanks Commodore Keith Postma for putting it all together in the 1st and 2nd weeks at the helm.  If the days continue to go as fast as January, we will be back in boating season in no time flat.

January 2020 was both warm and wet.  We had 6 days below the average temperature and 25 days above average, making it the 12th warmest January on record.  The average temperature for both January 1st and January 31st is 32F.  It was also the sixth wettest month on record with 4.12” of precipitation.  The wettest January on record was in 1931, where we experienced 5.02” of precipitation then.  But, winter has just begun, and we can be very grateful is has been so mild so far.  We can only hope the warm trend continues!  But, we can do without the snow and rain.

Currently, Lake Erie is +12” higher than it was last year at this time.  So far, we still do not have any ice to mention.  This is very important given the high water levels we are still experiencing.

As for February, we broke a record on February 2, 2020, reaching 53F, beating the old record by 1 degree.  The “powers that be” are projecting Lake Erie levels to remain the same by the end of the month.  Again, all we can do is hope!  We also need to pray that the wind does not blow hard out of the NE because the docks will be under water once again.

I will see everyone at the February membership meeting.  Until then, take care!

Flt. Cpt. Jon Allen

Member at Large

Member At Large

If you have any questions or concerns please contact me.

For Sunshine and Cheer please contact Lady
Bobbi Lang.

Member At Large P/C John D. Stewart

I-LYA Delegate

I-LYA Delegate

From the Vice Commodore of I-LYA and WRYCC Secretary.  If you didn’t attend our Commodore’s Ball, you missed a great event.  Our Commodore Keith has a lot of great events planned for this year.  Be sure to check out the calendar.  There are also a couple of events planned for the 2021 I-LYA Commodore (that’s me).  Check out the Table raffle and the April 10 BUS trip to Put-In-Bay; it should be a great time and the tables are really nice.

The I-LYA Spring Meeting at the Sheridan Hotel Detroit Metro Airport is coming up in a few months.  Mark your calendar for April 2-5; it will be lots of fun.

Thanks again for all your support in 2021, see you at the next membership meeting.

Capt. Bob Lang, Secretary





BOAT US ~ GA80969Y

Upcoming WRYCC Events

Membership dues are dues are now past due.

Club Crawl is planned for March 14th – St. Patricks Day Theme, you can pay online or at a membership meeting.  $25 per person

V/C fundraiser March 29th – Smokies on the Water, Entertainment by Tobi Lee.  Tickets are $50 each, includes:  Dinner (choice of prime rib, herb chicken or salmon) and entertainment.

I-LYA fundraisers for Bob Lang & Lady Bobbi –

Get Away to the Bay, Put-In-Bay Trip.  April 10th, 2020 Pay online or at a membership meeting $60 per person

Table Raffle tickets are $25 each

I-LYA Pins – $20 each

April 17th is our Commodore Reception, we will be looking for basket raffle donations and helpers to sell raffle tickets and collect money at the door.  If you are able to help out in anyway please contact me, help is always appreciated.

Please check out all the AYC events going on in the upcoming month, all fliers and information are attached in our newsletter each month.

Feel free to contact me with any questions, ideas or suggestions you may have.

Entertainment Chair Dawn 734-347-2085

Congratulations to V/C Rick Grew for winning the Ice Cube Award, being the last boat pulled out for the season.
Congratulations to I-LYA V/C Bob Lang & Lady Bobbi and your journey through I-LYA. We are proud to have you as West River Members.

AYC Delegate



I have emailed everyone the list of upcoming AYC events and they are also attached in our newsletter if anyone missed anything.  Everyone is more than welcome to attend these events.  There is something for everyone.

I am selling the following tickets:

Put-In-Bay Bus Trip – April 10th (Good Friday),  you can purchase tickets online or contact me or Sharon Kniesel (Bay View Yacht Club)  $60 per person

Table Raffle Tickets – $25 each (winner will win both tables)

I-LYA Pins – $20 each

V/C fundraiser – March 29th $50 each

 Rear Commodore Dawn Shoemaker

Events, Cards & Flyers

Events, Cards & Flyers



Happy Anniversary


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