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Hello all. This is your Rear Commodore for 2019 Rick Grew. For the newer members who may not know who I am I have been a member of WRYCC since 1998 and served as Commodore back in 2004.
It’s February and we are in the mid point of winter. The good news is Punxsuctawney Phil saw his shadow so we can expect an early spring. Let’s hope that he is right. The Detroit Boat Show is this month, another great sign of spring and finally Fudgys Ice Cream is open in Southgate. Can spring really be that far behind.
My boat is actually pretty much ready for launch. Commodore Mary is working on her calendar of events for 2019. There should be something for everyone.
I want to let you know we Board members serve as your representatives. This is your Club. As I move through the chairs and serve as Commodore once again in 2021 I want you all to know that I am open and look forward to your suggestions for events to be held my Commodore year.
Finally, I would like our members to know that our own P/C Bob Lang has been elected to the position of Rear Commodore of I-LYA. He too will serve as I-LYA Commodore in 2021. I am really looking forward to 2021.
Until next month, stay safe, stay warm and think about spring, summer and fall boating.

Rear Commodore Rick Grew

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The first month of 2019 is in the books.  January had 15 days above normal and 16 days at normal or below normal.  But, the end of the month was  downright brutal with the temps not even making it past 2F!  Now, that is cold!

Lake Erie is currently at +43″ above chart datum and +7″ from February 2018.  In terms of the near future, it is expected to drop 0″ by March.

The water temperature off Bell Isle is a very chilly 32 degrees F.  And, as a result, the Detroit River is full of ice all the way to the Canadian shore.

Well, that is all for now, and I’ll see you at the next meeting.

Flt. Cpt. Jon Allen

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Member At Large

Member At Large P/C John D. Stewart

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I-LYA Delegate




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Upcoming WRYCC Events

February 23rd – Commodore Ball Fundraiser for Vice Commodore Keith Postma – come out and join us for a fun filled night with laughter and a nice warm spaghetti dinner.  Tickets are $25 per person, contact myself or Vice Commodore Keith Postma for tickets.

Entertainment Chair Dawn 734-347-2085

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