From The Helm


The calendar says April, however it feels like December.  I am sure spring is around the corner but it sure is not feeling that way.  Stay positive our boats will be uncovered shortly and begin to make summer memories.
March was a fun month that went by to quickly, I went to Ford Yacht Clubs ball and it was beautiful, I went on the AYC class trip and that was a great time, if you have never gone on one of these class trips I would highly recommend it.  I was not able to attend the AYC bowling, Monroe’s Ball or the Spaghetti dinner because I was feeling under the weather, sad to have missed these things but glad that I am back to myself again.  P/C Rick Grew organized for the club to meet at Seaway Boat Club in March, hopefully more will be able to come out for a evening of fun in April.  Thank you so much for organizing this fun activity to do every month.
Remember we are small but we are mighty!
Until next time, stay warm until the weather breaks!
 Commodore Dawn Shoemaker

From Amidship


From The Rear


Hi Everyone

I would like to introduce myself as one of the newest members on the board with West River Yacht and cruising club.  I bring lots of experience as a past Commodore for 2016 from Sun Parlor Boat Club. I am excited to be apart of West River yacht and cruising club.  I plan to work hard with the board and members to bring the club in a positive note as well as having lots of fun. Some of my duties and responsibilities of my position is advertising.  If there is anyone wanting to advertise with our club they can see myself to be placed on our monthly newsletter. This is a great way to promote your business as well as our members supporting your business. For any additional information on Advertising I can be reached through my email at
Looking forward to a great boating season in 2018.
Rear Commodore Keith Postma

From The Fleet


March 21st was the first day of spring, but it sure didn’t feel like it with a high temperature of 40F. In March, we only had 6 days with above average temperatures, that there was only one day where it made it to 5 degrees above average.

During March, the lake level in Erie reached a +6. The projected level for the end of April is +4 change. So, we can most likely expect more rain, snow and wind for April.  And, so far, Mother Nature has not disappointed us during the first several days.  The Lake Erie water level seems to be going up, up, up.

And although April 2018 is here, it sure feels like the spring of 1998 when I can remember snowmobiling out on Lake Erie around the Fermi towers. The last month has felt that cold in this area and many others.  The beginning of April usually averages high temperatures of 58F and by the end of the month it is closer to 62F.

Given the above, it’s not too surprising that the Army Corp of Engineers is forecasting 10” of snow for the northern basin by Sunday night, April 8th.  It’s a good thing we live in the southern basin. They are also projecting that the next two weeks are going to be below normal temperatures.

That is all for now!  See you at the next meeting.

Flt.  Cpt. Jon Allen 

Member at Large

Member At Large


Member At Large Doug Mickels


I-LYA Delegate


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P/C Bob Lang (Captain Bob)





BOAT US ~ GA80969Y

Upcoming WRYCC Events

Commodore’s Reception – April 13th, we are still looking for volunteers to manage the check in desk, sell raffle tickets and raffle baskets.  If you are able to help please contact me, it is greatly appreciated.

Membership Meeting – April 16th, we are looking for chili donations as we are going to be having a chili dinner prior to our meeting.  $5 per person for chili (all you can eat or until it is gone).  We have a couple people who have already offered to donate, still looking for some more.

P/C Rick Grew will be trying to organize a West River Raid once a month to one of our affiliated yacht clubs – please watch for his email with time, date and location.

Hoping to organize a bicycle pub tour sometime in May and hoping to maybe have a cookout too.  We will keep you posted on these events.

This may not happen this year, but we need to get a head start on this project.  Gregg Phillips is looking for a committee, we are trying to work out the details and possibly have our very own regatta.  This is really exciting for us!  Please let me know if you would like to be on this committee, we need all the help we can get as this is a very big undertaking.

Entertainment Chair Dawn 734-347-2085

AYC Delegate



All fliers were emailed and are posted on our website.  Please check them out, there are many events happening amongst our fellow clubs.





Events, Cards & Flyers

Events, Cards & Flyers

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